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Quality Woods & Thermo-Aging For The Sound You’ve Always Imagined

There is nothing quite like the sound of a perfectly aged acoustic. The fullness, the sustain, and the projection are what make these instruments so valuable and so desirable. Typically, you’d have to own and play a guitar for years or pay thousands for a vintage instrument to achieve this tone. However, advancements in wood curing, known as Thermo-Aging, have made this sound more attainable for a greater number of players. They’re guitars that play and sound like an old favorite, something you’ve owned for many years; the Ibanez Artwood Vintage series.

Thermo-Aging begins by selecting high quality tone woods. This is absolutely critical because the process takes the natural sonic character already present in the wood and intensifies it. Lesser materials simply won’t get the job done. From here, the raw tone wood is baked in a kiln for a specific amount of time at a precise temperature. Upon completion, a clear difference is visible between the aged wood and the material still awaiting treatment.

Beyond the improvement in sound, Thermo-Aging also provides a richer color that adds an authentic well-aged aged look to go along with the tonal benefits.

Ultimately, first-class sound is the goal and it’s the main motivation for Thermo-Aging Artwood Vintage guitars. The result is increased volume, improved dynamics, and improved projection from the very first note you play. The AVD60 is a prime example, with a Thermo Aged™ Spruce top and X bracing, it delivers the best of what Thermo-Aging has to offer through abundant volume and improved frequency response. Hear the benefits for yourself in the video below…

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