Explore new textures, rhythms, & spaces without sacrificing your tone

Sponsored by Fishman:

Tailored specifically for acoustic guitars, Fishman AFX Mini Acoustic Pedals allow you to explore new textures, rhythms, and spaces without sacrificing your tone.

Fishman AFX Minis are infused with over 4 decades of acoustic-centric design experience. We’ve helped millions of acoustic musicians achieve incredible sound simply by plugging in. These pedals are no different: simply plug in and create new textures without losing the core sound of your instrument.

We care about preserving your instrument’s tone. Electric guitar effects are designed to alter your electric tone, and when used on acoustic instruments, tend to muddy-up your sound. AFX Mini effects are voiced to agree with the resonances of amplified acoustic guitar, so you don’t get unexpected results when playing at higher volumes.

AFX Mini acoustic effects are blended in parallel with the direct sound, meaning they’re added alongside your tone – not on top of it. This allows you to add great textures, rhythm, and space without unnecessarily coloring the sound of your prized instrument.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned player, experience the acoustic focused design of Fishman AFX Mini pedals and unlock the full potential of your acoustic sound.

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Sponsored Story

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