Experience the Sights and Sounds of Spain

Experience the music and history of Spain as visitors rarely do.
With its lively markets, world-renowned museums, brightly colored gardens, flavorful cuisine, and architecture from centuries gone by, Spain strikes the perfect balance between old and new, traditional and modern, urban jungle and green parks.

For the musician or music lover, the word Spain is practically synonymous with the word guitar.

Accompanied by local guides and Thérèse Wassily Saba, guitarist and long-time editor at Classical Guitar magazine (sister publication to Acoustic Guitar), we’ll explore the music, culture, history, and heritage of Spain on our 10-day, 11-night sojourn. With personal, behind-the-scenes access to artists, luthiers, and experts, you’ll experience Spain as visitors rarely do.

Traveling with the focus on music means you’ll be part of an enthusiastic group that has a lot in common. Plus, we’re committed to a personalized experience – you’ll be one of up to just 20 people on this tour.

The final registration deadline for this trip is February 4, 2019. Space is limited. Click here for more information and to register.

Lyzy Lusterman
Lyzy Lusterman

Lyzy has worked at Acoustic Guitar since 2009. When not working, she plays music, goes birding, writes, and reads mysteries out loud to her cats.