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At Summer NAMM 2017, Epiphone introduced some of its new acoustic guitar models, including the AJ-210CE, a dreadnought guitar featuring a select spruce top with classic cutaway, Shadow Performer Tuner Preamp and NanoFlex under saddle pickup system; the AJ-45 ME, a Masterbilt Series Advanced Jumbo with solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides; the Masterbilt DR-400MCE; and the brand new Masterbilt De Luxe Classic 4-String Acoustic/Electric bass guitar, with a solid spruce top, ebony fretboard, and the eSonic and Shadow NanoFlex HD pickup system.

In addition, Epiphone featured the Pro-1 Collection, guitars designed with beginner players in mind. They have lighter gauge strings that are easier on the fingers, JumboPRO frets, a shorter scale length, and a dual-action truss rod. The Pro-1 also comes in a classical guitar style.


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