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Drop D tuning (where the lowest string is tuned down a whole step – giving DADGBE from low to high) is an interesting way of adding some extra low end tone to an acoustic guitar. It also opens extra possibilities for creating interesting basslines outside the scope of normal tuning.

In this video lesson, Elixir® Strings artist Calum Graham takes you through a section of his tune “The Nomad,” from his 2016 album Tabula Rosa. The track features Drop D tuning alongside a host of both left and right hand percussive techniques and presents some tricky rhythmic “melody and bassline” challenges along the way! But with Calum’s easy-to-follow breakdown you can work on the techniques involved at your own pace.

Watch the video now and let us know what you think.

Elixir Strings are the only strings I’ve played that retain their tone throughout multiple shows and frequent tuning changes.” – Calum Graham, Phosphor Bronze with NANOWEB® Coating, 13-56

Calum, named one of the World’s Top 30 Guitarists under 30 by Acoustic Guitar Magazine, continues his musical journey with his recently formed trio, Tripliciti, comprised of Calum, Andy McKee and Trevor Gordan Hall. Check out the trio’s new album.

For more easy to follow lessons, head over to the Elixir Strings YouTube channel.

When it comes to finding your tone and feel, Elixir Strings offers acoustic premium guitar strings with longest-lasting tone in both Phosphor Bronze and 80/20 Bronze in a variety of coating and gauging options. Check them out.

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