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To celebrate 100 years of Doc Watson, we invited a range of talented musicians, producers, and makers to share stories and reflect on the legacy of this great guitarist.

To celebrate 100 years of Arthel Lane “Doc” Watson, we invited 11 distinguished guests to share their stories and reflect on his legacy. You’ll hear from a range of talented musicians, producers, and makers—including bluegrass titan Peter Rowan, monumental mandolinist Sierra Hull, flatpicking ace David Grier, and more. From poignant memories to laugh-out-loud moments, we explore this great guitarist’s far-reaching and enduring influence on roots music and our lives.

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Thanks to our guests: Alan Barnosky; B Townes; Beppe Gambetta; David Grier; David Mathis; John Leventhal; Lindsay Craven; Mitch Greenhill; Peter Rowan; Sierra Hull; Tommy Emmanuel.

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The Acoustic Guitar Podcast theme music is composed by Adam Perlmutter and performed for this episode by Alan Barnosky (recorded by Kirk Stirland at Small Pond Farm).

This episode is hosted by Nick Grizzle, produced by Tanya Gonzalez, and directed and edited by Joey Lusterman. Executive producers are Lyzy Lusterman and Stephanie Campos Dal Broi.

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Nick Grizzle
Nick Grizzle

Nick Grizzle is a music journalist and editor, sound engineer, drummer, and music lover whose vinyl collection continuously overflows its confines. He holds the position of Digital Content Manager for Acoustic Guitar.

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