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In this video by Jay Leonard J, he puts this boutique guitar to the test. You have to hear the Cort Modern Black for yourself. Check out why so many players are leaving the sound hole behind.

Modern Black

Inspired by the chic and sleek style of the modern jazz era, the Modern Black boasts an elegant and bold blend of completely redesigned body shape with master-grade tone woods, unique dual sound ports and bevel cut armrest, and Fishman® Matrix Infinity pickup and preamp system for a clear and transparent tone when plugged in.

Modern Concert Body Shape

Thinking differently from a conventional grand concert body shape, the newly designed Modern Concert body shape is Cort’s own rethinking of the smaller acoustic body type that was carefully designed for enhanced resonance and responsiveness. Together with a softer venetian cutaway, the Modern Concert shape also boasts great playing comfort.

Dual Side Sound Ports

Instead of a conventional sound hole in the center of the body, the specifically placed dual sound ports on the sides affect the Helmholtz properties of the body and enhance the dynamics and the treble of the acoustic tone. It also allows the player to better monitor the natural sound of the guitar during performance while enabling the audience to hear the guitar as well. Meanwhile, since the top wood is free of sound holes, it is more resilient and resonant.

Ergo-A Asymmetric Neck Profile with Walnut Reinforced Neck

A completely redesigned asymmetric neck profile is designed for Modern Black, giving experienced players and enthusiasts alike a comfortable ergonomic playing experience that is optimized for various playing styles. And using two special inserts made of more rigid walnut, the neck on the Modern Black has been reinforced for added rigidity and stability to withstand various types of fingerstyle playing.

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