Commemorate Shubb’s 50th with a Limited Edition Capo

Sponsored by Shubb:

Limited Edition Capos Available Now

Blue Diamond (C1d), the 2nd capo in the limited series, is available now. Blue Diamond features a bold enamel design resembling art deco jewelry and a turquoise inlay and diamond pattern giving it a Southwest flavor.

The Violet Sky Capo (C1vs) is also still available featuring a laser etched pattern over a deep, rich violet background and iridescent, multicolored fittings.

Coming Soon in early May is Rosette (C1z), followed by Sequoia (eC1b) in late May, then finally the stunning Titanium (T1) in late June. Visit to learn more and sign up for release notifications.

50 years and millions of capos later, Shubb has become a legendary brand, and their continued innovation will ensure they remain that way for the next 50. These limited edition capos use the same unmatched, legendary design while featuring innovative materials, finishes, and production techniques. Commemorate this milestone with one of their limited edition capos at

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