Chord Building Made Easy! Get Chord Confident On Guitar

Sponsored by Elixir® Strings:

Learning where to place your fingers to play chords is one thing, but as your playing develops, it really helps to know how those chords are made.  Guitar virtuoso and Elixir® Strings artist Shawn Persinger explains the basic theory behind chords on the guitar, which will help you to unlock the fingerboard and allow you to change voicings and find chords up and down the neck. Download tab:

If you’ve always struggled to understand why chords are made up of the notes they are, this is the lesson for you!

“Whether performing in the studio or on stage, playing electric or acoustic, I need my guitar strings to feel fresh, smooth, fast and stay in tune. Elixir Strings do all that and more!” ­Shawn Persinger

Discover how artists like Shawn play for longer without compromising tone and feel with Elixir Strings.

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Sponsored Story

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