Choose a Capo the Kyser® Way

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To some, capos are a functional tool. To others, choosing a capo can be tricky—either way, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you want to make chords easier, collaboration more interesting, or songs more comfortable to sing, the capo is the way to bring everything into tune. Here are the key steps to find yours, or use the dedicated Kyser® Capo Finder to make it even easier.


First, select the capo that’s right for your instrument. That means an acoustic capo for an acoustic guitar, a new electric Fender® x Kyser® capo, a greater-tension 12-string capo and so on. Proper tension and correct shape are critical factors in function. There’s no true one-size-fits-all solution, so make sure the shape and radius of your capo match that of your neck and fingerboard.


Next, think about what you want the capo to do. Do you want to adjust keys to meet your natural vocal range? Our classic Quick-Change® Capo should do the trick. Do you want to experiment with alternate tunings or make complicated fingerings more simple? Try a partial capo. Or, if you’re a multi-instrumentalist, try our specialty capos, tailored to a broad range of popular folk instruments.


Lastly, what is a capo if not an extension of your music? Take it a step further and make it an extension of yourself with a full palette of colors, collections, and styles designed with you in mind. Our Capo Finder makes shopping for the right capo a cinch with a quick click-through process that guides you straight to the perfect pick. Just share your sound and style. We’ll handle the rest.

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