Music and visual art make great bedfellows, and starting November 10, the Quin hotel (caddy-corner to Carnegie Hall in New York City) will present a compelling mashup of the two mediums with a group show featuring 14 artists who hand-painted 14 D’Angelico Guitars — with beautiful results.

The group show features artists such as ABOVE (Tavar Zawacki); Alex Yanes; ASVP; Blek le Rat; Eric Zener; Joanne CORNO; Mando Marie; Mindy Linkous; Nick Walker; Pure Evil; Robert Malmberg; SP38; The London Police; and Wulf Treu.

Photo-realist painter Eric Zener, who also served as artist-in-residence at the Quin, drew inspiration for his guitar from his series of paintings illustrating people or objects submerged in water.  Zener referred to the work as, “The ‘sound’ of art.”

Take a stroll through the photo gallery and admire the delightful merging of two distinct art forms.


Eric Zener’s “The ‘sound’ of art”



Full-length shot of Zener’s work


Artist ABOVE holds his creation.

Pure Evil's guitar

Pure Evil’s guitar


Nick Walker spray-painting his work.

Nick Walker spray-painting his work

Nick Walker's His reimagining of a D’Angelico Guitar blended the conception of musical notes as numbers.

Nick Walker’s piece blended the conception of musical notes as numbers.


Walker’s finished piece.


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