Breedlove has a new secret weapon when it comes to maximizing an instrument’s efficiency in producing a pronounced sound and more textured tone.

Watch above as Breedlove’s production manager walks us through its innovative sound profiling technology that is the basis for the company’s 2017 Big Sound instruments.


The goal is to advance the creation and projection of sound and complexity of tone by working with—instead of against—the variability in the woods from forests around the world. Breedlove’s builders activate the analysis by tapping a tonewood set, a common practice among luthiers, and then its frequencies are captured in a computer program. Through this analysis, the company learns precisely the thinness to target for each soundboard to reach a designated frequency.

Look for more coverage on Breedlove’s sound profiling technology in a Shoptalk article, running in the April 2017 print edition.

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