Dan Stuart and Thomas Heyman

Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Dan Stuart & Thomas Heyman

Two veterans of the paisley underground, recent friends, Dan Stuart (of Green on Red and Danny & Dusty) and Thomas Heyman (of the Chuck Prophet Band) dropped by the AG Sessions studio to share acoustic renditions of Heyman's "Keep the River on the Right" and Stuart's "The Greatest," a tribute to heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali.


John McCutcheon

Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents John McCutcheon

With his newest album release, Trolling for Dreams, hot off the griddle, folk troubadour and multi-instrumentalist John McCutcheon dropped by the Acoustic Guitar Sessions studio to perform two songs from it: “Y’all Means All” and “This Ain’t Me,” both in double drop-D tuning.


Mandy Fer and Dave McGraw perform with their guitars.

Acoustic Guitar Presents Mandy Fer and Dave McGraw

The Pacific Northwest songwriting duo of Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer recorded their latest album, Off-Grid Lo-Fi entirely, well, off the grid, using wind and solar to power their rustic log-cabin studio. During a visit to the AG Sessions studio, Fer showed that she means business as she delivered a percussive…


Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Jack Williams

Equipped with a battle-scarred 1974 Martin D-35, Williams stopped by the AG studio to share his gift of song with a solo-acoustic performance of  "A Natural Man," his tribute to Josh White," as well as the cinematic original "Thirsty Town" and a cover of the Mississippi Sheiks classic "Sitting on Top of the World."
The Easy Leaves perform on their guitars

Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents the Easy Leaves

The San Francisco Bay Area duo the Easy Leaves—Sage Fifield, playing a 1965 Gibson ADJ-45 and singing lead and harmony, and Kevin Carducci, playing an old German-made upright bass and singing lead and harmony—share songwriting duties and a love for the outlaw California-country tradition echoed in the music of Merle…




michaela Anne

Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Michaela Anne

Michaela Anne's songs are filled with thoughtful, probing, literate subjects. Give a listen. She stopped by the Acoustic Guitar Sessions studio, with guitarist Daniel Knobler, to perform three other songs from that a: "Living Without You," "Stars," and "Won't Go Down."
The Wild Feathers Acoustic Guitar Session

Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents the Wild Feathers [VIDEO]

Sporting tight three-part harmonies and driven by a trio of acoustic guitars, including an Epiphone Masterbilt Century archtop and a pair of Gibson J-45s, the Wild Feathers stopped by the Acoustic Guitar Sessions studio to perform “Help Me Out,” “Sleepers,” and “Lonely Is the Lifetime,” an ode to Gram Parsons…