Eric Skye

Guitar Talk: Eric Skye on Intentional Limitations and the Blues

Skye is among a handful of artists to have been honored with a Santa Cruz Guitar Company signature model. Since its introduction in 2011, he has used the guitar exclusively when straddling the worlds of fingerpicking and flatpicking—in traditional acoustic and more adventurous jazz contexts—which he does with apparent effortlessness.
phone showing musician playing acoustic guitar in front of a woman giving a thumbs up

How to Promote Your Music

It’s easier than ever to put your music out into the world... but building a career is still work, just as it has always been.
Alan Lomax_Woody_Guthrie

Southern Journeys: Alan Lomax’s Steel-String Discoveries

Folklorist Alan Lomax is primarily recognized, when at all, by the instrumental role he played in launching the careers of some America’s—and the world’s—most beloved guitarist-singers. Indeed, it’s difficult to overestimate the role that he and his father, John A. Lomax, played in shaping musical history as they traveled the back roads of the southern United States collecting traditional music under the auspices of the Library of Congress.


A Tribute to Izzy Young

Izzy Young’s accomplishments are the stuff of legend, from producing hundreds of folk concerts (among them Bob Dylan’s first) to organizing protests and beyond.


Big Music school outreach – Elena Flikier

Stores That Do More: Four Community-Minded Guitar Shops

The four brick-and-mortar shops featured here—those stores that do more—fit the description by offering educational programs, hosting jam sessions, taking part in schools and community events, and fostering a welcoming space for musicians to explore and connect. As a result, they’ve found that community efforts have made them viable in a rapidly changing economy, while giving customers an enduring vehicle for connection.


Jerry Douglas

Dobro Master Jerry Douglas on Building Musical Conversations

Jerry Douglas seems to be everywhere. Apart from fronting his eponymous Jerry Douglas Band, he boasts a 20-year tenure with Alison Krauss and Union Station, as well as a crucial role in a supergroup of sorts, the Earls of Leicester, whose recent release, Live at the CMA Theater in the…


Cantor Ben Rosner

Is the Acoustic Guitar God’s Favorite Instrument?

How the acoustic guitar has shaped the modern music of the Judeo-Christian liturgy. For an instrument that’s been so vital to the evolution of popular music over the past century, the guitar has traveled a long road in finding its place in religious culture. In the United States, this mostly…

John Leventhal poses in a chair with his guitar

Guitar Talk with John Leventhal: Manhattan Address, Southern Sound

Like many Baby Boomers, guitarist, songwriter, and record producer John Leventhal reflects the musical influences he heard growing up. The Beatles, Doc Watson, Chet Atkins, Howlin’ Wolf, Curtis Mayfield, Clarence White, and many others color his playing and musical sensibilities. He’s a lifelong New Yorker, yet his guitar work has…




Peter Ciluzzi pictured with his guitar

Guitar Talk: Peter Ciluzzi’s Guitars Spin Stories Without Words

Peter Ciluzzi plays music in his dreams. He tells me this as we’re standing outside The Evening Muse in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he has just played a transcendent set. As an unseasonably chilly wind rushes down the street, the guitarist and luthier, who built guitars out of his Provincetown,…