jeffrey pepper rodgers with acoustic guitar

5 Ways to Transform an Acoustic Guitar Into Your Songwriting Partner with Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

Sunny War, Madison Cunningham, and Adam Levy with guitars and the acoustic guitar podcast logo
Writing Songs with Sunny War, Madison Cunningham, and Adam Levy
Woody Guthrie with guitar
Woody Guthrie’s Songwriting Wisdom

Songwriting, composing, and arranging go hand in hand with playing the acoustic guitar. In these lessons you’ll find instruction and inspiration for developing your own voice as a writer—whether you’re getting ready to write your first song or your hundredth.


how to make cover songs feel like your own on guitar illustration

7 Tips to Make Cover Songs Feel Like Your Own

As a songwriter, do you stick to your guns and your own songs—or cave and just deliver the hits everyone can sing along with? There’s a healthier way to look at covers: as a creative vehicle that can actually enhance rather than compete with your songwriting. 




Video Lesson- How to Unlock I-IV-V Chord Progressions on acoustic guitar

Video Lesson: How to Unlock I-IV-V Chord Progressions

The chord trinity known as I–IV–V is one of the most useful theoretical concepts for any musician. The I–IV–V is a skeleton key for countless songs in folk, country, rock, blues, and beyond, revealing the basic similarities of, say, “Louie Louie,” “Ring of Fire,” “Man of Constant Sorrow,” and “I Fought the Law.”