Megan and Rebecca Lowell, aka Larkin Poe "Self Made Man" performance for Acoustic Guitar Sessions In Place

Learn to Play Larkin Poe’s Blues Rock Banger “She’s a Self Made Man”

Andrew DuBrock with his acoustic guitar
How to Fingerpick the Beatles’ “Julia”
gretchen menn plays an acoustic guitar in the AG studio
5 Ways to Build Your Rock Rhythm Guitar Rudiments

While the acoustic guitar is less commonly associated with rock than the electric, the acoustic has always had a strong presence in this genre—whether as a songwriting tool or the bedrock of a recording. These lessons cover a range of styles — from oldies and classic rock to punk, funk, and the pop of today.

Andrew DuBrock with guitar

Laid-Back Modern Rock Groove

Some modern rock and pop tunes get a boost by injecting a laid-back groove with a 16th-note swing feel. Example 7a shows one common syncopated groove you can get with this feel, and Example 7b shows how you might embellish it to sound similar to Train’s hit “Drops of Jupiter.”


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A Classic Blues Rhythm Pattern

Blues and rock are two styles that are heavily intertwined, and the rhythm pattern in Example 3 instills more of a bluesy sound into your rhythm simply because it’s a common rhythm pattern in blues tunes.
Andrew DuBrock with guitar

Play Leads with Major Scales

If you’ve explored my Acoustic Rock Basics lesson “Soloing with Pentatonic Scales,” you’ll notice that the major scale encompasses the major pentatonic and adds two more notes: the fourth and seventh of the key.