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Acoustic Guitar magazine July/August 2024 issue cover, featuring Alynda Segarra of Hurray for the Riff Raff

Special Focus: How to Practice

A Simple Plan to Make the Most of Your Guitar Practice Time

Book cover for Dynamic Guitar: More Tools to Go Beyond Strumming
Make chord progressions more distinctive and get outside the box of strumming block chords.
how to develop a guitar warm-up routine video still
Stay Loose and Avoid Injury by Developing a Guitar Warm-Up Routine
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12 Ways to Challenge Yourself on Guitar

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Adam Perlmutter is the editor of Acoustic Guitar magazine and has written hundreds of articles, reviews, and song introductions (as well as expertly engraving and transcribing the music for a comparable number of lessons and compositions.)

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How to Warm Up Smartly
How to approach narrative solo guitar composition
Learn fretboard exercises to play beautiful, dreamlike augmented arpeggios.
Molly Tuttle smiling with her guitar on a white wall background
Molly Tuttle Breaks Down Her Technique

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Peggy seeger

Peggy Seeger on The Child Ballads—Learn ‘O the Wind & Rain’

[Editor’s note] Peggy Seeger is no stranger to folklore. Her father was the famed folklorist Charles Seeger; her mother, Ruth Crawford Seeger, was a trailblazing avant-garde composer. Her folk musician brother, Mike Seeger, co-founded the New Lost City Ramblers, one of the most influential groups in the 1960s folk revival.…




Photograph of fingerstyle guitarist John Doyle.

John Doyle Shows You How to Play Celtic Guitar

I met up with Doyle at a Philadelphia-area house concert where, joined by fiddler Duncan Wickel, he performed a stunning show that displayed the full range of his powers on guitar, from rollicking rhythm to beautifully melodic fingerstyle (actually played with a pick and one finger). Before the show, the easygoing virtuoso sat down with his left-handed Muiderman flattop to shed light on how he honors and stretches tradition as a guitarist and songwriter.



Video Lesson- How to Unlock I-IV-V Chord Progressions on acoustic guitar

Video Lesson: How to Unlock I-IV-V Chord Progressions

The chord trinity known as I–IV–V is one of the most useful theoretical concepts for any musician. The I–IV–V is a skeleton key for countless songs in folk, country, rock, blues, and beyond, revealing the basic similarities of, say, “Louie Louie,” “Ring of Fire,” “Man of Constant Sorrow,” and “I Fought the Law.”




About Acoustic Guitar lessons. Learning to play the guitar takes more than just figuring out what fingers go on which frets and which strings to pluck or pick. You need to absorb these mechanics, for sure, but you also need to know how different techniques fit together and how you can put them to use in service of making music with soul and spirit. Memorizing your favorite players’ licks and arrangements is an essential part of the process, too, but all that work doesn’t truly pay off until you’ve internalized the moves and made them your own. The players and teachers whose words and music are shared on this site understand these facets of learning and offer unique, in-depth lessons. Here, you’ll find riffs and exercises, full songs to play, technique tips, listening suggestions, and advice on how to practice as well as what to practice. We’ve been publishing high-quality guitar lessons since 1990, written and developed by some of the best guitar teachers around.