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Banner headstock of a Gibson J-45 Vintage

Review: Gibson’s J-45 Vintage Is a Winning Workhorse [VIDEO]

Some skeptical guitarists might see phrases like “thermally cured” and “hide glue” as mere marketing tools, but there’s no denying that the J-45 Vintage has a full, rich voice with excellent definition and note separation. When I play it in the Carter style, I’m struck both by the depth of the bass notes and the crispness of the chordal accents. When I pick some G runs, I’m taken with the string-to-string balance and the thickness of the single notes.


Martin 00L-17 full body shot

Review: Martin’s 00L-17 Recalls Depression-Era Flattops

The 00L-17 sounds every bit as awesome as it feels. It’s got a lovely, uncluttered sound, heavy on fundamentals but with shimmering overtones and a nice natural reverb. The string-to-string balance is excellent, as are the projection and sustain. It’s definitely a more powerful instrument than would be expected of one of its size and scale length.



New Gear: Taylor’s 858E and 552CE 12-Fret

Taylor’s 858e and 552ce offer effortless playability Twelve-string guitars are notoriously tricky instruments, particularly in terms of playability and intonation, and it can be hard to find a great one, though Taylor has earned a good reputation for its 12-strings. So it’s satisfying to make the acquaintance of not one,…


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