Brandon Lee Adams sings in a timeless Americana style—and he’s a hell of a flatpicker, too.

For his AG Sessions in Place, Adams performs “I Long for Seventeen,” a song he wrote and recorded with the bluegrass great Tony Rice. Though arranged for voice and one guitar, the piece sounds rich and full, thanks to Adams’ dynamic solos, bass runs, and chord voicings—not to mention his early ’70s Martin D-41. (The serial number falls close to the end of 1971 or beginning of 1972.)

Watch past the performance to learn Adams’ crosspicking patterns and fretting-hand techniques. For anyone writing their own songs, there’s a ton of good information here on keeping arrangements fresh and avoiding the monotony of playing just a few chords the same way over and over for the duration of a tune.


“I’m always thinking about bass notes,” Adams says, “It can sound almost like you’re playing two instruments if you keep [the bass] busy.”

So, grab your guitar and get inspired!

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