Joey Lusterman

Joey Lusterman

Opinionated creative slash beginning guitarist. Joey has worked in every department at Acoustic Guitar in the past 10+ years: front desk, ad sales, editorial, sound guy, camera man, booth babe, email coder, podcast editor, photographer, book designer…


bob dylan playing harmonica and guitar next to a microphone

Bob Dylan’s Acoustic Guitars

Throughout his career Bob Dylan has played a lot of acoustic guitars, mostly Gibsons and Martins, with some exceptions. Here, we take a close look at the guitars of Bob Dylan.

Guitar Talk: Andy Powers of Taylor | You Can’t Build a Guitar Without Thinking About Playing It

Get to know the man behind the curtain at Taylor Guitars, Andy Powers, a thoughtful and curious lover of music. While showcasing a trio of instruments he built, Andy shares some of his history as a luthier, and reminds us that while the tools, processes, and materials are important, at the end of the day "it's about the guitar and how much fun you have playing the guitar."



Elixir Maneli Jamal Percussive Lesson

How to Play Percussive Harmonics

Sponsored by Elixir® Strings, Proud Supporter of  “Acoustic Uprising” Award-winning, fingerstyle artist Maneli Jamal demonstrates how to combine strumming, harmonic slaps and percussion to create the illusion of multiple acoustic guitars. Watch Maneli’s easy-to-follow lesson to get this full and rich…


Pick Leading Tips from Elixir Strings

Pick Leading Tips from Elixir® Strings

Sponsored by Elixir® Strings, Proud Supporter of “Acoustic Uprising” In this guitar lesson, guitarist Marc Seal demonstrates how to arpeggiate more efficiently and accurately using a technique known as “pick leading.” This is a great fingerpicking exercise. “Elixir Strings always…

Elixir SC Marc Seal how to hybrid pick

How to Hybrid Pick

Sponsored by Elixir® Strings In this beginner acoustic guitar lesson, guitarist Marc Seal demonstrates an easy way to learn hybrid picking.  This versatile technique combines both flatpicking and fingerstyle playing to create a unique sound that can be used in practically…