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Winter is coming, and with it, dry air that causes most of the damage to wooden musical instruments.  Top luthiers and repair experts agree that humidity is the number one cause of damage to guitars and other stringed instruments.

There are many ways of combatting humidity.  Most commonly musicians put sponges or chemical humidity-packs in guitar cases. However, it is easy to forget to replace or recharge them.  Keeping instruments in a humidity-controlled Guitar Habitat® or Guitar Estate™ cabinet is the best solution for maintaining proper humidity and keeping your guitar collection easily accessible for year-round play.  

Our cabinets are solid hardwood in the customer’s choice of cherry, oak, maple, sapele or American Black Walnut.   Each cabinet is finished with a nitro-cellulose lacquer just like a fine vintage guitar.  We offer a variety of upgrades including:

  • Enhanced lighting
  • Figured woods
  • Inlay and wood marquetry
  • Stained and etched glass
  • Dehumidification for high humidity climates

All our products are artisan-made in Bucks County, Pennsylvania by the American Music Furniture team of highly skilled furniture designers and craftsmen.  All of our components are built in America.  We build our products with the same attention to detail as fine luthiers.

Our humidification system is very reliable and requires about five minutes of maintenance each year.  Most of our cabinets go over a month between refills.  


We offer a wide range of sizes from one guitar up to twenty-five in a single cabinet.  The cabinets are shipped to your home or studio, uncrated and put in place by our white glove delivery partners.

Whether you want a cabinet for one special guitar, or a whole collection, talk to us.  We can help.  You can download our catalog here.

You can see our cabinets at our shop in Perkasie, PA, or at these fine dealers:

  • Rudy’s Music Soho and Scarsdale, NY
  • TR Crandall Guitars, NYC
  • Carter Vintage Guitars, Nashville, TN
  • Emerald City Guitars, Seattle, WA
  • Northern Lights Music, Littleton, NH
  • OKC Guitars, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Lattanze Guitars, Bridgeport, PA
  • Lowe Vintage Guitars, Burlington, NC
  • The Guitar Sanctuary, McKinney, TX

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