Andy McKee Performs and Teaches ‘She’ | Acoustic Guitar Sessions in Place

Over the last 10 years the writers at Acoustic Guitar have called Andy McKee a “sensation,” a “brilliant sonic storyteller,” and “one of the foremost fingerstyle guitarists in the world.” The accolades still ring true in this AG Session in Place, in which McKee performs and teaches some sensational fingerstyle guitar.

“She,” a composition McKee wrote to impress his now-wife, is played in an unconventional tuning, B G D G A D, with a capo at the fifth fret. The piece has a lush and expansive feel, and while it showcases McKee’s extended fingerstyle technique, it feels not flashy, but quite expressive.


For those interested in learning “She,” McKee shows how to play all of the right-hand patterns and ornamentation techniques he uses. Fortunately, he demonstrates them very slowly.

In this video, McKee is playing a gorgeous Greenfield guitar, outfitted with front and back bevels and fan frets, which help intonation.

If you want to learn more from McKee, check out his TrueFire channel.

Joey Lusterman
Joey Lusterman

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