They’re hardly a supergroup of the Crosby, Stills & Nash variety, but this trio, made up of the three clearly capable country-oriented singer-songwriters Lizanne Knott, Jesse Terry, and Michael Logen, creates a sound that aspires to the same standard in similarly soft and serene settings. It’s telling that two gentle Tom Petty covers—“Learning to Fly” and “Wildflowers”—bookend the effort; the hushed treatments they’re accorded set the tone for the album overall. Gilded harmonies are shared in various groupings, underscored by the steady strum and effervescent shimmer of multiple acoustic guitars. In some ways they’ve set themselves a high bar by showcasing the Petty covers so prominently. On the other hand, their takes on the Buffalo Springfield anthem “For What It’s Worth” and the Johnny Cash standard “Ring of Fire” are comparatively dark and subdued; very different takes on classics, for sure.

'Sunset Avenue Sessions' album cover

Terry’s own “Stargazer” (with Dar Williams on backing vocals) provides one of the more enticing examples of what this talented trio has to offer as songwriters, but both Knott and Logan have leading moments, as well. The guitars provide a supple foundation throughout, but it’s the ringing refrains, aided by the nimble fretwork of accompanist Tom Hampton on mandolin, dobro, lap steel, and lead, that give life to these mellow musings.


Ultimately, it’s easy to be charmed, if not completely transfixed, by this album.

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2019 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine.