Adam Perlmutter Named Editor of Acoustic Guitar

Adam Perlmutter, long-time contributor to Acoustic Guitar magazine, has been named Editor, succeeding the magazine’s founder, David Lusterman, effective immediately.

Adam has been a regular contributor to Acoustic Guitar since 2008 and became the magazine’s full-time Music Editor in 2014; he has written more than 260 articles, reviews, and song introductions as well as engraving and/or transcribing the music for a comparable number of lessons and compositions.


Of equal or greater importance, Adam has championed emerging artists, luthiers, and manufacturers as astutely and informatively as he has tracked the music and careers of established performers and instrument builders, bringing depth and breadth to Acoustic Guitar’s regular coverage both in print and online.

David Lusterman returns to his previous role as Editorial Director and Publisher.

Here’s a great example of Adam Perlmutter’s recent work, a video lesson with Molly Tuttle.

David Lusterman
David Lusterman

I am a publisher by profession and a lifelong musician. I launched Acoustic Guitar magazine in 1990. I now enjoy the bonus of working closely with my two children, Lyzy and Joey. Due to a healthy lifestyle, a happy marriage, and a passion for my work, I have not aged physically since this picture was taken in 1975.

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