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Alan BarnoskyHillsboroughNorth CarolinaUnited StatesAlan Barnosky is a flatpicking guitarist who plays and teaches in the folk and bluegrass idioms. He has been a lifelong musician and performs regularly in the Southeast. Influenced by Doc Watson, Norman Blake, Clarence White, and Tony Rice, Barnosky teaches flatpicking to students of all levels. “I focus on a blend of technique, theory, and musical examples to bring together all aspects of well-rounded musicianship.”
See Alan's posts.Flatpicking, Bluegrass, Folk, Arranging, TheoryYesYesYesNoFlatpickingBluegrassFolkArrangingTheory
Cameron KnowlerCameron KnowlerNashvilleTennesseeUnited StatesAn acclaimed educator, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist, Cameron Knowler specializes in the art of the conceptual record. He counts such diverse influences as Haitian jazz composer Frantz Casseus, English fingerstylist John Renbourn, and American old-time icons Norman and Nacy Blake. “My approach is to teach core tenets of musicianship, working from materials inspiring to the student. If the song or tune you are wanting to learn isn't in my archive, I am happy to transcribe it with you.”
See Cameron Knowler's posts.Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Alternate tunings, Slide, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Ragtime, Arranging, Composition, TheoryYesYesYesNoFingerstyleFlatpickingAlternate TuningsSlideBluegrassBluesCountryFolkJazzRagtimeArrangingCompositionTheory
Char ClaassenChar ClassenOmahaNebraskaUnited StatesChar Claassen trained in classical guitar and counts Pepe Romero, Christopher Parkening, John Williams and Sharon Isbin as major influences. She uses traditional teaching methods based in note reading and understanding of the fretboard, allowing each student to set the pace of their learning. “I listen to my students. If they are having problems or concerns I take time to listen and help them find solutions. When they have accomplished something they have been working on, I encourage their triumphs.”
Fingerstyle, Classical, Stagecraft, TheoryNoYesYesYesFingerstyleClassicalStagecraftTheory
David PaulDavid PaulLancasterCaliforniaUnited StatesDavid Paul studied music at California State University, Los Angeles. He counts Randy Rhoads, James Hetfield, Pepe Romero, Zakk Wylde, and Stevie Ray Vaughan as major influences. Combining his training in classical guitar with a love of metal, he shows his students how to break down a song through theory and then create their own riffs, licks, or solos. “Eating your vegetables along with your main course is the way I have been teaching guitar successfully for over 15 years.”
Fingerstyle, Alternate tunings, Hybrid, Blues, Classical, Country, Folk, Rock, Songwriting, TheoryYesYesYesYesFingerstyleAlternate tuningsBluesClassicalCountryFolkRockSongwritingTheory
Doug YoungDoug YoungMountain ViewCaliforniaUnited StatesDoug Young studied jazz guitar in college and moved into fingerstyle with a focus on alternate tunings, studying the work of Pierre Bensusan, Laurence Juber, Martin Simpson and many others. "I don't have any specific program. I try to help each student with what they need and are interested in. We can look at specific tunes, technique, arranging and composing. I can also help with gear-related issues, pickups, amplification, and with learning to record or make videos." He is the author of Acoustic Guitar Amplification Essentials.
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Eddie ScherEddie ScherSan FranciscoCaliforniaUnited StatesEddie Scher is co-leader of ragtime band Parlor Tricks. Largely self-taught, he’s influenced by the playing of greats like Al Casey, Oscar Aleman, Lonnie Johnson, Nick Lucas, and Danny Barker. Scher takes an informal approach to teaching ragtime, blues, and jazz, aiming to “offer ideas that will help smooth the long and precarious road.” Scher adds, “With music every ounce of hard work returns endless pounds of fun and joy... Talent isn't real, only time and effort.”
See Eddie's posts.Fingerstyle, Slide, Alternate tunings, Blues, Jazz, RagtimeYesYesYesNoFingerstyleAlternate TuningsSlideBluesJazzRagtime
Ernie HawkinsErnie HawkinsPittsburghPennsylvaniaUnited StatesErnie Hawkins earned to play guitar from Reverend Gary Davis. He was influenced by Mance Lipscomb, Lightening Hopkins, and many other rag and blues players long gone. He has released seven albums of blues and traditional music, recorded and toured with singer Maria Muldaur, and won an Independent Music Award. “I like to teach directly as well as use many videos produced by Stefan Grossman and Happy Traum.” He describes his teaching approach as “not scary."
See Ernie Hawkins's posts.Fingerstyle, Blues, Ragtime, Arranging, Composition, Songwriting, TheoryNoYesNoNoFingerstyleBluesRagtimeArrangingCompositionSongwritingTheory
Fred SokolowFred SokolowLos AngelesCaliforniaUnited StatesFred Sokolow started taking guitar lessons at age four. He counts Merle Travis, Doc Watson, Wes Montgomery, and many others as important influences. Author of nearly 200 instruction books and videos for stringed instruments, Fred is also active in the recording studio. “I’m very flexible, I like to teach music the student likes. I also like to tell the back stories behind the music, the history. I enjoy teaching, spreading the joy of music around!
See Fred Sokolow's posts.Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Alternate tunings, Slide, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Ragtime, Rock, Arranging, TheoryYesYesYesYesFingerstyleFlatpickingAlternate tuningsSlideBluegrassBluesCountryFolkJazzRagtimeRockArrangingTheory
Gene BourqueGene BourqueFalmouthMassachusettsUnited StatesGene Bourque comes from a family of professional musicians and studied music at Wilkes College. Influenced by Doc Watson, Clarence White, Jerry Jeff Walker, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, and more, he shows his students why each artist chooses specific chords, finger patterns and strumming techniques. “My goal is to help my students conquer the nuts and bolts of playing the guitar, while remembering the process is not just improvement but also joyful and downright fun!”
Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Alternate tunings, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Arranging, Composition, Songwriting, Stagecraft, TheoryNoYesYesNoFingerstyleFlatpickingAlternate tuningsBluegrassBluesCountryFolkJazzArrangingCompositionSongwritingStagecraftTheory
Greg RubyGreg RubyLos AngelesCaliforniaUnited StatesGreg Ruby authored The Oscar Aleman Play-Along Songbook and directs Guitar Week at the Swannanoa Gathering. Private lessons and studies at Cornish College of the Arts prepared him for a career in performing and teaching. Adept in early jazz, swing, and gypsy jazz, Ruby strives to demystify the guitar and help students develop the skills they need. “If you study with me, we will create a solid foundation while playing the music you love.”
See Greg's posts.Flatpicking, Jazz, Stagecraft, Arranging, Theory, Composition. Also Early Jazz, Swing Jazz, Surf, PlectrumYesNoYesNoFlatpickingJazzArrangingCompositionStagecraftTheory
Hiroya TsukamotoHiroya TsukamotoNew YorkNew YorkUnited StatesHiroya Tsukamoto learned from records and tapes and sharing tips with friends. His biggest influence is Pat Metheny. Hiroya mainly plays fingerstyle acoustic guitar and composes original music. “I have been playing guitar over thirty years and I still practice fundamentals. It is very helpful when I perform. I try to focus on simple things to practice and that way you can get a good result.”
See Hiroya Tsukamoto's posts.Fingerstyle, Alternate tunings, Folk, Jazz, Composition, Stagecraft, TheoryYesYesYesNoFingerstyleAlternate TuningsFolkJazzCompositionStagecraftTheory
Jane MillerBostonMassachusettsUnited StatesJane Miller directs Berklee College of Music’s summer program, Guitar Sessions. Her favorite jazz players are Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, and Emily Remler. She has released five albums of both original compositions and arrangements and authored Introduction to Jazz Guitar and Triads for the Improvising Guitarist (Berklee Press). “I want to show students possibilities and options. I'll give you tools to bring the music you hear in your mind's ear to life.”
See Jane Miller's posts.Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Arranging, Composition, Songwriting, TheoryYesYesYesNoFingerstyleFlatpickingBluesFolkJazzArrangingCompositionSongwritingTheory
Jeff GunnJeff GunnTorontoOntarioCanadaJeff Gunn is a guitarist, songwriter and producer. His diverse influences include Reggae, Bossa Nova, West African, Rock, Thai Folk, and Polynesian music. He is the author of Hidden Sounds: Discover Your Own Method on Guitar (Mayfair Music Publications) and has contributed to Acoustic Guitar, Guitar World, Canadian Musician, Overdrive, and The Guitar Mag. “I will provide a clear path for you to progress on the guitar based on your musical interests.”
See Jeff Gunn's posts.Fingerstyle, Alternate tunings, Blues, Classical, Folk, Jazz, Rock, Arranging, Composition, Songwriting, Stagecraft, TheoryYesNoYesYesFingerstyleAlternate tuningsBluesClassicalFolkJazzRockArrangingCompositionSongwritingStagecraftTheory
Jeffrey Pepper RodgersJeffrey Pepper RodgersSyracuseNew YorkUnited StatesJeffrey Pepper Rodgers is the founding editor of Acoustic Guitar and author of The Complete Singer-Songwriter and Beyond Strumming. “I learned primarily by ear, picking apart favorite songs and records along with my brother.” His biggest influences have been Paul Simon, the Grateful Dead, the Beatles, and Stevie Wonder. “My teaching is based more on songs than on exercises or a specific method. I like to focus on songs that students want to learn or play better, addressing issues of technique in the context of real music and arrangements.” In addition to his ongoing work with Acoustic Guitar, he offers live workshops for guitarists and songwriters, plus video lessons, song charts, and tab, on Patreon.
See Jeffrey's posts.Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Alternate tunings, Folk, Rock, Arranging, SongwritingYesYesNoNoFingerstyleFlatpickingAlternate TuningsFolkRockArrangingSongwriting
Jim JosselynJim JosselynLittle SilverNew JerseyUnited StatesJim Josselyn started lessons at age eleven at the local music store and went on to earn a master's degree in music performance from the Aaron Copland School of Music. His influences include Jimi Hendrix, Wes Mongomery, John Williams, and B.B. King. “Music is fun, it's called playing for a reason. If you are a serious student, I will give you all I can. I'll encourage you to listen and create your own things as well.” He is is director of the School of Music and Drama in Little Silver, New Jersey.
See Jim's posts.Flatpicking, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Arranging, Theory, Composition, SongwritingYesYesYesYesFlatpickingBluesJazzRockArrangingCompositionSongwritingTheory
Jon ShainJon ShainDurhamNorth CarolinaUnited StatesJon Shain is the author of Gettin’ Handy With the Blues (Mel Bay). He had private guitar lessons from middle school through high school, plus a fine high school music program and continued studies in college. ”I do not use a boilerplate approach to teaching. Every student has a way that they learn best, and I try to identify that and tailor my teaching to the way they best assimilate information. I'm a touring musician and a studio producer, so lesson times vary week to week.”
See Jon Shain's posts.Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Alternate tunings, Slide, Bluegrass, Blues, Folk, Ragtime, Arranging, Composition, Songwriting, TheoryYesYesYesNoFingerstyleFlatpickingAlternate TuningsSlideBluegrassBluesFolkRagtimeArrangingCompositionSongwritingTheory
Luke EdwardsLuke Edwards headshot with a guitarCarmarthenCarmarthenshireUnited KingdomLuke Edwards honed an early childhood start on guitar at Leeds Conservatoire, earning his performance degree studying with Stuart McCallum and others. Greatly influenced by Tommy Emmanuel, Leo Kottke, and Chet Atkins, he calls his teaching approach “highly tailored and personalized. I understand that everyone learns in their own unique way. I emphasize the importance of post-lesson support with follow-up emails, messages, and even instructional videos to maintain a dialogue with my students.”
See Luke's posts.Fingerstyle, flatpicking, alternate tunings, bluegrass, blues, Celtic, classical, country, folk, jazz, ragtime, Welsh music, arranging, theory, composition, and songwriting.YesNoYesYesFingerstyleFlatpickingAlternate TuningsBluegrassBluesCelticClassicalCountryFolkJazzRagtimeArrangingCompositionSongwritingTheory
Marcy MarxerMarcy Marxer with acoustic guitar, photo by Michael G. StewartSilver SpringMarylandUnited States“Start where you are. Practice every day with a specific plan. Track your progress. Join in jam sessions. Never compare yourself to others. Play, play, play.” Marcy Marxer started playing guitar with her family at age five. Her great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother all played and sang. She considers herself a life-long learner and has been influenced and personally encouraged by many players, among them Frank Vignola, Danny Gatton, Les Paul, Carol Kaye, Patsy Montana, Wayne Henderson, and Robin Kessinger. Marxer is a Grammy Award winning musician.
See Marcy Marxer's posts.Flatpicking, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Jazz, Arranging, TheoryYesNoYesYesFlatpickingBluegrassCountryFolkJazzArrangingTheory
Mark AriMark AriJacksonville BeachesFloridaUnited StatesMark Ari is an an award-winning educator at the University of North Florida and a self-taught guitarist, influenced by Bob Dylan, John Prine, and many artists in folk, blues, progressive country, Americana, and American primitive guitar. His focus is student-oriented self-expression. “I don't teach theory unless it comes up. Just how to play.”
See Mark Ari's posts.Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Alternate tunings, Rhythm, Blues, Folk, Rhythm, SongwritingYesYesYesYesFingerstyleFlatpickingAlternate TuningsBluesFolkSongwriting
Mark GoldenbergMark GoldenbergBurbankCaliforniaUnited StatesMark Goldenberg is perhaps best known as longtime guitarist for Jackson Browne, He studied with Ted Greene for ten years. Along with Greene, he cites Ralph Towner, Bill Evans, J. S. Bach, and David Rawlings as big influences. “I teach reading, theory, and improvisation. I have decades of experience teaching and playing. And I'm a pretty nice fellow!”
See Mark Goldenberg's posts.Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Arranging, Composition, TheoryYesNoYesNoFingerstyleFlatpickingClassicalJazzRockArrangingCompositionTheory
Mark HansonMark Hanson playing acoustic guitarPortlandOregonUnited StatesMark Hanson is a Grammy-winning guitarist who has shared the stage with the likes of Jerry Garcia, Tommy Emmanuel, and John Renbourn and penned dozens of instructional books. He was first inspired to play guitar by the Beatles and then got into fingerstyle, citing Bert Jansch, Leo Kottke, and Andres Segovia as influences. On his approach to teaching, Mark says "musicality is all important, at whatever technical level you play."
See Mark's posts.Fingerstyle, alternate tunings, slide, blues, celtic, folk, jazz, ragtime, original fingerstyle tunes, arranging, composition, and theory.YesYesNoNoFingerstyleAlternate TuningsSlideBluesCelticFolkJazzRagtimeArrangingCompositionTheory
Mary FlowerMary Flower onstage with acoustic guitarPortlandOregonUnited StatesMary Flower is an award-winning guitarist, host of the Blues in the Gorge camp, and has recorded numerous instructional CDs and DVDs. She tailors her lesson to the student's personal taste - and that is most often acoustic blues and ragtime. She's self-taught and learned by ear, listening to records of early blues artists like Blind Blake. Mary says, "I'm easy to do whatever kind of music it takes to get the fingers picking."
See Mary's posts.Fingerstyle, alternate tunings, slide, blues, folk, ragtime, open tunings, arranging, composition, and songwritingYesYesNoNoFingerstyleAlternate TuningsSlideBluesFolkRagtimeArrangingCompositionSongwriting
Nathan BellNathan BellSignal MountainTennesseeUnited StatesNathan Bell is a largely self-taught guitarist. He cites Lightnin' Hopkins, Robbie Robertson, Johnny Winter, John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, and flutist Eric Dolphy as important influences. “I teach a better understanding of playing the guitar and how to maximize potential. I teach to the student, not to a system.”
See Nathan Bell's posts.Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Slide, Blues, Country, Folk, Rock, Composition, Songwriting, StagecraftYesYesNoNoFingerstyleFlatpickingSlideBluesCountryFolkRockCompositionSongwritingStagecraft
Nick RossiNick RossiSan FranciscoCaliforniaUnited StatesNick Rossi is a professional performer with a love of Swing Era (1929-1946) guitar. He began private guitar study at 13 with surf guitar pioneer Johnny Fortune and continues to learn via archival material and his own personal study journey. His main influence is early to mid-20th Century American music, primarily jazz of the 1920s through the 1960s. “My approach to teaching is highly personalized, tailored to suit each player’s situation and commitment to the instrument.”
See Nick's posts.Flatpicking, Jazz, Stagecraft, Arranging, Theory, CompositionYesYesYesYesFlatpickingJazzArrangingCompositionStagecraftTheory
Orville JohnsonOrville JohnsonSeattleWashingtonUnited StatesOrville Johnson is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist on strings, especially guitar and Dobro, and the author of Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics. He’s studied and been inspired by musicians from Doc Watson to Jim Hall to Elmore James to Mike Auldridge and beyond. “My goal is to give you the tools and understanding to ultimately teach yourself. I am very patient, and very good at explaining concepts that may seem complicated at first. My goal is to help you do the thing you want to do.”
See Orville Johnson's posts.Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Alternate tunings, Slide, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Ragtime, Rock, Arranging, Composition, TheoryYesNoYesNoFingerstyleFlatpickingAlternate TuningsSlideBluegrassBluesCountryFolkJazzRagtimeRockArrangingCompositionTheory
Pete MadsenBerkeleyCaliforniaUnited StatesPete Madsen is a frequent contributor to Acoustic Guitar who studied with numerous teachers, including Joe Satriani and Duck Baker. His foundational influences are Leo Kottke, John Fahey, and Merle Travis, coming later to the early blues players like Robert Johnson, Blind Blake, and Big Bill Broonzy. “I like to cover as many bases as possible, giving my students audio recordings, video, and sheet music. Every student comes at it from a slightly different angle.
See Pete Madsen's posts.Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Alternate tunings, Slide, Blues, Folk, Ragtime, Rock, Arranging, Composition, TheoryYesYesYesYesFingerstyleFlatpickingAlternate TuningsSlideBluesFolkRagtimeRockArrangingCompositionTheory
Ron JacksonRon Jackson smiling with an archtop guitarTeaneckNew JerseyUnited StatesRon Jackson has performed and recorded in over 30 countries, with artists such as Taj Majal and Ron Carter. He attended Berklee College of Music and studied with Ted Dunbar, Pat Martino, Melvin Sparks, and others. Ron believes that all music students, especially guitar players, should learn and internalize the basics of music. In his teaching, he emphasizes timing and rhythm, theory and harmony, ear training, reading notation, and the language of jazz improvisation.
See Ron's posts.Fingerstyle, flatpicking, alternate tunings, slide, hybrid and economy picking, tapping, octave harmonics, bluegrass, blues, classical, country, folk, jazz, ragtime, rock, reggae, calypso, ska, soca, brazilia, arranging, composition, songwriting, stagecraft, and theoryYesYesYesYesFingerstyleFlatpickingAlternate TuningsSlideBluegrassBluesClassicalCountryFolkJazzRagtimeRockArrangingCompositionSongwritingStagecraftTheory
Scott CmielScott CmielSan FranciscoCaliforniaUnited StatesScott Cmiel chairs the Guitar Department at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He studied with Michael Lorimer and Aaron Shearer and counts Bach, Barrios, and Brouwer as great influences. He has received Artist Teacher Awards from the American String Teachers Association, the Romero Guitar Institute, and the Sierra Nevada Guitar Festival. “My goal as a teacher is to nourish each student’s love of music and desire for learning by providing an engaging, step by step path to develop musical ability.”
Fingerstyle, Alternate tunings, Classical, Arranging, Composition, Stagecraft, TheoryYesYesYesYesFingerstyleAlternate tuningsClassicalArrangingCompositionStagecraftTheory
Stephen BracciottiStephen BracciottiYorkMaineUnited StatesStephen Bracciotti studied privately and earned his B.M. at Berklee College of Music. Influenced Tom Rush, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Jim Kweskin, Julian Bream, John Williams, Doc Watson, Chet Atkins, and Eldon Shamblin, he has decades of club and concert performing experience. “I strive to create a balance between playing from knowledge and playing by inspiration. I work to understand how each student learns and tailor exercises and drills to fit.”
Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Bluegrass, Blues, Classical, Country, Folk, Jazz, Ragtime, Arranging, Songwriting, Stagecraft, TheoryYesYesYesYesFingerstyleFlatpickingBluegrassBluesClassicalCountryFolkJazzRagtimeArrangingSongwritingStagecraftTheory
Tim BertschTim BertschSeattleWashingtonUnited StatesTim Bertsch first studied guitar formally with Mike Stoican, and later with Larry Coryell, Emily Remeler, Beppe Gambetta, Joshua Breakstone and John Stowell. His strongest musical influences are John McLaughlin, Larry Coryell, Jimi Hendrix, Django Reinhardt, Les Paul, and Jeff Beck. “I formulate a specific and personalized curriculum for each student to assist them in achieving their musical aspirations. I appreciate all musical genres and am constantly striving to excel in all styles of the guitar.”
See Tim Bertsch's posts.Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Alternate tunings, Slide, Tapping, Blues, Celtic, Folk, Jazz, Rock, Arranging, Composition, Songwriting, Stagecraft, TheoryYesYesYesYesFingerstyleFlatpickingAlternate TuningsSlideBluesCelticFolkJazzRockArrangingCompositionSongwritingStagecraftTheory
Tom FeldmannMinneapolisMinnesotaUnited StatesTom Feldmann is a self-taught guitarist influenced by John Lee Hooker, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and Mississippi John Hurt. He boils his teaching approach down to “Slow and steady. Simple but effective.” He’s recorded instructional videos for Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop, teaught at Fur Peace Ranch, and contributed to Acoustic Guitar and Vintage Guitar magazines.
See Tom Feldmann's posts.Fingerstyle, Alternate tunings, Slide, Blues, Arranging, TheoryYesNoYesNoFingerstyleAlternate tuningsSlideBluesArrangingTheory
William StreetmanWilliam StreetmanLexingtonKentuckyUnited StatesWilliam Streetman learned guitar through private study and counts The Beatles, The Eagles, John Prine, and Jimmy Buffett as major influences. He teaches ear training, practical theory, chord logic, and favorite songs. He has been teaching since 1974. His students find him “friendly, easy going, hardworking and funny.”
Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Alternate tunings, Slide, Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Folk, Rock, TheoryNoYesYesYesFingerstyleFlatpickingAlternate tuningsSlideBluegrassBluesCountryFolkRockTheory

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