Back in the 1980s, Translator was at the forefront of San Francisco’s robust post-punk and new wave scene, and a marquee member of Howie Klein’s 415 Records. Though the band called it quits in the summer of 1986, they’ve periodically reunited over the years, much to the delight of their hardcore cadre of fans.

Translator got together again this spring in honor of the release of Sometimes People Forget (Omnivore), a stellar 22-song collection of studio demos recorded from 1975-1985. AG welcomed them into our studios for an acoustic set featuring three of their most beloved tracks: “Everywhere,” “Evening of the Harvest,” and “O Lazarus.” We also chatted with Steve Barton and Bob Darlington about the band’s genesis, its tenure on 415 Records, its steadfast rejection of synthesizers, and much more.


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