Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Tom Paxton

Joined by guitarist Robin Bullock, the folk legend performs a few tunes, shares a few stories, and, of course, talks guitars.

When 77-year-old folk music legend Tom Paxton stopped by Acoustic Guitar’s offices in late April 2015, it was in the midst of what he insists will be his last tour, after more than five decades of nearly ceaseless travel and recording. He was in town to support his latest release, Redemption Road, more than 60 albums down the line since his 1964 debut at the height of the “folk scare.”


Paxton has traveled a long way since the hey-day of the Greenwich Village scene, but he has never stopped writing great songs and touching hearts (and minds) with his music. On this afternoon, joined by guitarist Robin Bullock, Paxton opened with a beautiful version of one of his best-known older tunes, “The Last Thing on My Mind,” then played a pair of songs from Redemption Road, the wistful and nostalgic “Central Square” and a lighthearted blues called “Susie Most of All.” He also shared a few stories and, of course, talked guitars.

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Acoustic Guitar Editors
Acoustic Guitar Editors

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