Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Sara Watkins

Sara Watkins plays two songs off the album, "Like New Year's Day" and "Move Me."

Sara Watkins stopped by the AG studio in support of her excellent new album Young In All The Wrong Ways, on which the Nickel Creek fiddler records with acoustic guitar for the first time.

Watch above as Watkins performs two songs off the album, “Like New Year’s Day” and “Move Me.”


Watkins talks to AG in the forthcoming December issue, saying that her brother Sean Watkins (watch his Session here) has been “a really good teacher.” “I don’t want to say I’ve learned a lot from him, because I’m such a bad guitar player and I still have so much to learn. Sean is an incredible resource to have around when it comes to specific questions I have. The main thing that I’ve gotten from him is this huge appreciation for the role of rhythm, because that’s one thing that I think he does best.”

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Whitney Phaneuf
Whitney Phaneuf

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