Northern California traffic delayed Richard Thompson’s arrival in Napa, but the eminent British folk-rock guitarist and songwriter was fully prepared to perform whatever tunes AG wanted to hear when he strolled into a back room at City Winery recently with his trusty Lowden guitar in tow.

Thompson’s latest album, Acoustic Classics, is a set of re-recorded gems from a rich catalog that extends from his 1960s work with the legendary Fairport Convention, to his years as a duo with former wife Linda Thompson, as well as his steady string of solo recordings.


In this session, Thompson tells how he makes the acoustic guitar sing by doing more than just strumming. And he shows how that works with a mind-blowing acoustic performance of the fiery “Shoot out the Lights,” the title song from his classic 1982 album—one of the greatest albums in the folk-rock canon.

Enjoy this AG Sessions with the great Richard Thompson, and for the full Sessions archive, click here.

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