Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Richard Shindell [VIDEO]

The singer-songwriter performs two songs from his most recent album: "Careless" and "Your Guitar"

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Richard Shindell gained notoriety in 1997 after he contributed three songs to Joan Baez’s album Gone from Danger.

But he’s a formidable solo performer in his own right.


He stopped by the Acoustic Guitar Sessions to perform two songs from his most recent album Careless: the heart-rending title track and “Your Guitar,” in which the Argentina resident sings of his travels from from California to Patagonia from the perspective of his guitar.

That guitar is a 1952 Martin D-18 (with Martin Monel strings, Sunrise soundhole pickup, played with a heavy 1.3mm pick).

Shindell performs in DADGAD tuning.

Cover artwork from Richard Shindell's album 'Careless'
Greg Cahill
Greg Cahill

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