Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents Ray Wylie Hubbard

Watch Hubbard perform "Mr. Musselwhite's Blues," "Stone Blind Horses," and "Train Yard Blues," in his singular style of gritty, bluesy country.

Texas-based songwriter and guitarist Ray Wylie Hubbard stopped by the AG offices while on the road for his excellent new album The Ruffian’s Misfortune.

Watch Hubbard perform “Mr. Musselwhite’s Blues,” “Stone Blind Horses,” and “Train Yard Blues,” in his singular style of gritty, bluesy country.


In between songs, Hubbard reveals how his forthcoming memoir, A Life…Well, Lived (out November 2), came to fruition and that it includes such stories as him meeting Muddy Waters in his late teens and being kidnapped by Willie Nelson’s entourage.

He also talks about his role as an innovator in progressive country, and his favorite guitars.

Acoustic Guitar Editors
Acoustic Guitar Editors

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