The singer-songwriter duo of Nathan & Jessie craft catchy tunes often played in a Gypsy-jazz or Parisian cafe style. On this Acoustic Guitar Session, Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith are  joined by guitarist Douglass Francisco (playing a Rogue squareneck that replaced a recently stolen 1932 National Tricone) and Louisiana fiddler Milly Raccoon.

Rivera can be heard on accordion and National B Series NRP while Smith plays a National Estralita Deluxe.


Each of the members in this quartet version of the band is a skilled songwriter and each is represented in one of the four songs presented here.

Those songs are Smith’s ebullient “Le Yeux Langoureux,” Francisco’s blues lament “I Don’t Like the Sun,” Raccoon’s Cajun stomp “Le Chien de la Montagne,” and Rivera’s “Inner Child.”