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“First, let’s start with Michaela Anne and her song ‘Bright Lights and the Fame,’ ” Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls blog opined. “Written in response to the Hank Williams’ song ‘Ramblin’ Man,’ Michaela Anne wrote the song from the perspective of a woman left at home with the kids while her man goes out ramblin’.

“In the country world there are a lot of strong females, but it is so male [songwriter] dominated, especially the old stuff . . . [so this song is] a story that you don’t hear all the time. . . , ” singer-songwriter Michaela Anne noted. “You always hear the ‘I’m a wanderin’ cowboy’ [story] but what about what is typically considered the more mundane?”


Bright Lights and the Fame is no fluke—Michaela Anne’s songs are filled with thoughtful, probing, literate subjects. Give a listen. She stopped by the Acoustic Guitar Sessions studio, with guitarist Daniel Knobler, to perform three other songs from that a: “Living Without You,” “Stars,” and “Won’t Go Down.”