You could just call Jack Williams a singer/songwriter, but then you might miss out of the fact that he’s an old-school troubadour with a gift not only for song (as an arranger and composer), but stellar fretwork and gorgeous guitar tone.

He’s been associated over the years with the likes of Harry Nilsson and Mickey Newbury.

Yet, he’s not well known.


“Being able to draw on resources compiled [58]  years of experience as a performing musician, it should come as no surprise that Jack Williams is one of the most talented and accomplished performers on the folk circuit today,” the All Music Guide opined. “What does come as something of a surprise is just how little recognition Williams gets for his mature blend of introspective genre-dyfing music.”

Equipped with a battle-scarred 1974 Martin D-35, Williams stopped by the AG studio to share his gift of song with a solo-acoustic performance of  “A Natural Man,” his tribute to Josh White,” as well as the cinematic original “Thirsty Town” and a cover of the Mississippi Sheiks classic “Sitting on Top of the World.”

Click here to watch a Guitar Talk with Jack Williams in which he offers sagely advice for beginning guitarists.


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