Blues guitarist and singer Eric Bibb sheds light on his fateful childhood meeting with Bob Dylan, and rips through his song “Turner Station” on a $150 Gretsch Jim Dandy.

“Keep it simple,” Bob Dylan famously told a young Eric Bibb at a party thrown by Bibb’s parents’ house in Hollis, Queens. That advice, delivered around the time The Freewheelin Bob Dylan was starting to cause a stir, stuck with Bibb, and as he went on to record more than 30 of his own albums and came to master the acoustic guitar, Bibb’s playing always relied on an elemental blues foundation.


Bibb stopped by Acoustic Guitar’s studios to talk about his development as a guitarist and to play a song from his latest album, Jericho Road, on a guitar he purchased while walking down Haight Street in San Francisco only hours before.

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