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Rising star guitarist/singer-songwriter Christopher Paul Stelling stopped by the Acoustic Guitar offices to treat us to four songs and insights into his process.

Watch Stelling craft rich melodies on his ’64 Gibson, performing “Warm Enemy,” “Hard Work,” “Castle,” and “Horse,” which features fiddler Kieran Ledwidge (of the orchestral pop band Miracles of Modern Science).


In an in-depth profile of Stelling fromAcoustic Guitar‘s January issue, he says “I rely on my guitar playing as the vehicle. Some people rely on their lyrics as the vehicle, and some people rely on their voice. For me, because I’m interested in the lyrics and I’m interested in the guitar, the actual quality of the voice is less interesting. Some of my favorite singers have some of the most unorthodox or untrained voices—everybody from Ethel Merman to Tom Waits. It’s all about the delivery.”

Catch Stelling on European tour, this month and February, or at the Savannah Stopover Music Festival on March 10-12.

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