[Note: Neal Casal died August 26, 2019 at the age of 50. He was super kind to all our crew during the filming of this AG Session and we will fondly remember his life and music.]

Chris Robinson is best-known for being the lead singer and principal songwriter for the bluesy rock band the Black Crowes (along with his guitar-slinging brother Rich), but for the past three years he’s been more active fronting the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, which Robinson has labeled as a “farm-to-table psychedelic band.” The CRB (as they’re often called) can still rock hard, Crowes-style, but in general their music has a looser, more melodic and lyrical feel, perhaps showing the influence of the time both Robinson and lead guitarist Neal Casal (previously with Ryan Adams & the Cardinals) have spent playing music with former Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh and Bob Weir.


When the CRB was in Northern California to play some gigs in late July, Robinson and Casal stopped by our offices with their acoustic guitars to play a couple of songs from the new CRB album, Barefoot in the Head. Appropriately enough, Robinson was barefoot as he sang “Hark the Herald Hermit Speaks” and “If You Had a Heart to Break.” Both are cool tunes; some lovely harmonies on that second one, particularly.  

Cover artwork from the Chris Robinson Brotherhood album "Barefoot in the Head"