Acoustic Guitar Sessions Presents ALO’s Dan ‘Lebo’ Lebowitz

For this Session, Lebo eschewed his primary electric axe in favor of his preferred acoustic, a beautiful Santa Cruz Vintage Jumbo crafted by founder Richard Hoover.

Dan Lebowitz (everyone calls him “Lebo”) has been part of the Animal Liberation Orchestra (more widely know these days simply as “ALO”) since the band was formed in in the late ’90s. Over the years, the band has earned a widespread and devoted following for its eclectic sound, particularly in the jamband world. Early on they hooked up with Jack Johnson, who was living in and playing around Santa Barbara at the same time, and they have now put out five albums on the mega-successful singer-songwriter’s label, Brushfire Records. (Johnson also produced and played on ALO’s 2010 Man of the World album, which was recorded at Johnson’s Hawaii studio.) The group’s latest Brushfire release is called Tangle of Time. Lebo keeps busy outside of ALO, too, playing with the likes of Phil Lesh & Friends, Steve Kimock, and many others.


When Lebo dropped by for Acoustic Guitar Sessions, he eschewed his primary ALO axe—an electro-acoustic Takamine, which he plays through a ton of pedals for a fairly electric sound—in favor of his preferred straight acoustic, a beautiful Santa Cruz Vintage Jumbo crafted by founder Richard Hoover. (Lebo also owns and plays several electrics, too). Lebo performed three songs: “Push,” “Undertow” (both from Tangle of Time), and “I Wanna Feel It,” from Man of the World.

Acoustic Guitar Editors
Acoustic Guitar Editors

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