Taking time out from a packed touring schedule, 2017 International Fingerstyle Guitar Champion Christie Lenée braved Bay Area traffic and visited the AG offices earlier this week to perform a couple of songs for the staff.

Playing her cherished Maton EBG808 tuned to D, A, D, F#, A, D and run through a handful of delay, harmony, and percussion effects—and donning a foot tambourine—Lenée demonstrated her award-winning dynamic hybrid fingerstyle/slapping/overhand tapping technique on the songs “Breath of Spring” and “Song for Michael Pukac,” the latter inspired by a painting by the Los Angeles artist of the same name.


Lenée also discussed the benefits of using different rhythmic patterns and experimenting with alternate tunings when composing on the guitar, as well as other creative approaches to songwriting.

For tour dates, videos, and more, visit christielenee.com and keep an eye out for AG’s November 2018 issue, which will spotlight Lenée and other next-generation fingerstyle artists.