Acoustic Guitar Lesson: Quite Far Enough | ELIXIR Strings

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Known for his distinctive use of melodic hooks, ear-grabbing chord progressions and monster technique, Elixir Strings artist John Connearn is one of the most exciting new players around.

His track Quite Far Enough showcases John’s playing perfectly, and in this tutorial, he breaks down the main riff section for you to follow along. Originally an electric tune, it works great on acoustic too and although it might take some time to get the parts tight, putting in the effort will pay dividends for your syncopated grooves!

Watch the video and learn to play along and check out John’s video to listen to the full song.

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John uses Elixir Acoustic 80/20 Bronze Strings with NANOWEB Custom Light Coating, 11-52 to get his sound.

I play Elixir Strings because I know that every time I pick up a guitar, it will feel, sound, and respond the way I believe a guitar should. I’ll also feel confident in this whether the strings have been played for months, or if they are fresh out of the pack.”

Learn more about the full range of Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings and their signature long-lasting tone.

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