Acoustic Guitar Lesson: E Add9 Finger-Stretching Warm-Up Exercise| ELIXIR Strings

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Moving fingers “inside” chord shapes while keeping others in place can be a surprising challenge that requires practice, particularly where large fretting hand stretches are involved. So, finding warm-ups that allow you to drill these moves, while also sounding good, can be really useful in improving accuracy and finger flexibility.

In this short video lesson, Elixir Strings artist Scott Goldbaum takes a beautiful E Add9 chord and by moving just one finger, creates a digit-stretching exercise that provides a great warm-up for both hands. It’s also a musically interesting piece that can act as a springboard for other similar workout ideas!

You can find notation and tab for this lesson here. Like Scott’s lessons? Subscribe to the Elixir Strings YouTube channel for more.

Scott plays Elixir Acoustic Phosphor Bronze with NANOWEB® Coating, Custom Light to get his sound. Explaining why he’s such a fan Scott says, “I love the tone, feel and response of Elixir Strings!”

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