A Service for Musicians and Instrument Collectors

Welcome to Acoustic Guitar Auctions, where we offer fine collectible and contemporary guitars for sale via internet bidding at public scheduled events.

As publishers of Acoustic Guitar magazine and AcousticGuitar.com, we have been serving and connecting musicians, educators, and the music products industry since 1990.

In April 2020, we launched Acoustic Guitar Auctions with a highly successful sale of our own collection of custom guitars. Every guitar was purchased above its reserve price. The event also had a charitable component; we contributed over 20% of the sale’s proceeds to the Bill Collings Memorial Fund, which supports guitar education in public schools and public programs.


You are invited to consign one or more of your own guitars to be sold in our next auction. Bidding opens on May 13, 2021 and closes May 27.

The sale will feature acoustic guitars by various makers and from various periods. We are limiting the number of items to a maximum of 30, thereby guaranteeing that each will receive ample attention in pre-sale publicity and at the sale itself.

We will again be donating a portion of our net income to the Bill Collings Memorial Fund.


Candid appraisal: Our experts will thoroughly examine your guitar and provide a frank and candid assessment of its current market value.

Real trust: In more than three decades of serving musicians, music educators, and the music products industry, we’ve earned a reputation for both fair journalism and ethical dealing.

Worldwide reach: More than 1.5 million people visit AcousticGuitar.com each year. We use all our advertising and marketing skills and tools to bring the auction to their attention, including our print magazine.

Reasonable terms: We earn a 20% commission on guitars that sell for $5,000 or less. If the guitar sells for more than $5,000, our commission is capped at $1,000 (20% of $5,000).

Post-sale publicity: Guitars sold at auction are featured in the pages of Acoustic Guitar magazine.


Start by telling us as much as you know about your guitar, using this confidential fillable form. If available, upload as many as five photos of the instrument along with your information.

We’ll acknowledge your submission immediately and shortly thereafter we’ll give you a general estimate of the instrument’s value. If you are comfortable with the estimate, you’ll ship the guitar to us for a complete examination. We’ll give you a precise market value range and let you know what work, if any, is needed to increase that range.

If you decide to consign the guitar to us, we’ll enter into a binding agreement and begin the marketing process. View all consignment terms here.