Sponsored by ToneWoodAmp:

ToneWoodAmp has been leading a revolution in acoustic guitars with the invention of a compact box that creates effects, unplugged—NO AMP REQUIRED! 

Hear it from guitarist and composer Gretchen Menn: “What an incredible innovation! ToneWoodAmp brings the sonic textures I love with my electric guitars to my classical guitars.”

The ToneWoodAmp is the first and only product of its kind to use any acoustic guitar’s own body to create a range of effects including reverb, delay, tremolo, and more. No cables, no pedals, and yet—all the effects we know and love. It inspires, defeats writer’s block, and even makes practicing fun again. Put it in your gig bag and take it anywhere.

Infinitely expand the capabilities of your guitar for an unparalleled playing and listening experience! 

Watch Gretchen’s demo now and save $30 on a ToneWoodAmp with code GEM-AG at www.tonewoodamp.com.