A Tour Inside The Cor-Tek (Cort) Acoustic Guitar Factory

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Cor-Tek Corporation, the driving force behind renowned brands Cort Guitars and Digitech/DOD, invites you on an exclusive journey into cutting-edge manufacturing in their latest factory tour video, marking the pinnacle of their 50th-anniversary celebration. Unveiling behind-the-scenes mastery, the video showcases techniques propelling heightened production and elevated quality across their global facilities.

Having surpassed the milestone of 20 million musical instruments shipped in the last five decades, Cor-Tek is propelling into the future with modernization efforts, notably expanding in its acoustic guitar manufacturing facility in Dalian, China. With skilled artisans crafting hundreds of instruments daily, the company achieves remarkable annual metrics, producing and exporting one million guitars and 300,000 amplifiers globally.

With a product lineup featuring over 1000 SKUs of acoustic guitars alone, Cor-Tek embraces SMART factory concepts, not only for technological innovation but also to enhance employee safety. For instance, the introduction of a vacuum kerfing machine replaces the labor-intensive practice of using over 50 clamps on a single guitar, safeguarding employee well-being.

The heart of Cor-Tek lies not just in machinery but in the fusion of quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. Boasting one of the industry’s largest wood warehouses and an extensive exotic wood library, the company underscores its dedication by investing in continuous employee training, fostering a culture of growth and innovation.

In addition to their annual production of Cort Guitars, Cor-Tek stands as an OEM partner for globally recognized MI brands, fostering collaborative relationships to refine processes and maintain top-tier quality management. These successful strategies, honed in the music industry, open substantial manufacturing opportunities for companies beyond the music sector.

Embark on a journey into Cor-Tek’s world of innovation and production excellence through their newly released factory tour video. Immerse yourself in the future of manufacturing. For more information, please visit: https://www.cortguitars.com/

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