A letter from Richard Hoover, founder of the Santa Cruz Guitar Company:

Sponsored by Santa Cruz Guitar Company:

For over 45 years, Santa Cruz Guitar Company has been making the world a better place by providing the musical tools for peace.

I realized my vision of bringing the traditions of the ancient violin masters to the modern steel-string guitar, but not all by myself.

Approaching the half-century mark, I’m full of gratitude for my treasured team mates, the players, the music press and our loyal dealers who believed in our radical new ideas back when they were radical new ideas.

I’m so proud of my current team, we’ve all been through serious challenges these last few years. Today’s Santa Cruz luthiers have braved wildfire evacuations, national disaster levels of flooding and mudslides and COVID shutdowns without compromise to our rigorous standards and on time delivery of the finest guitars we’ve ever made.

Being at the top of the game is a delight but it isn’t a place to rest. It’s a foothold for reaching out with a helping hand to others still on the journey. 

If I’ve taught well, Santa Cruz will remain an open source of experience and knowledge to help advance the cause of all guitar makers. Newbies, veterans, luthiers and factories. We’ll continue to practice and promote the responsible harvest of tonewoods and we’ll remain a loud and public voice for the sustainability of our dwindling natural resources.  

If I get my way, we’ll be here – when you’re ready – to help you design and build your own once in a lifetime custom guitar.

My sincere thanks to each and every one for allowing me really a right livelihood and certainly the perfect job. Here’s to the next 45 years. Thank you.

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