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Guitar Review: Yamaha’s FGX3 Is a Modern Folk Workhorse Inspired by 1960s Classics

The guitar has a soft, warm tone that works great for fingerpicked chord patterns and breezy strumming. When strumming chords with a pick, I found it definitely sounds best to approach the FGX3 with a more delicate touch—a thinner pick and a soft strum can go a long way—while heavy-handed strumming and picking tend to get harsh. Approached with a light to medium touch, chords sound rich while maintaining a clarity that allows individual notes to shine.


Gear Review: Yamaha CSF-TA

Yamaha CSF-TA
Few musical pleasures compare to playing well-made small guitars. They’re comfortable. They resonate easily. They reward a subtle touch in ways few of their big siblings can match.


Win a Yamaha LS-TA VT!

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED There’s nothing so inspiring as playing guitar in a great sounding room – it makes you play better, longer and with more creativity. The Yamaha TransAcoustic guitar recreates that incredible experience without needing any external amplification…