This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to the six lucky winners: Anthony C. of New Jersey, John P. of Florida, Malcolm C. of Ontario, Kevin L. of North Carolina, Richard K. of North Carolina, and Jacques R. of Quebec!

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Although we can’t give you a free Gold Capo Royale, you may be able to find a great deal through one of these retailers:

For many years, Shubb have been asked by musicians for a gold-plated capo. Whilst this precious metal finish looks beautiful, it’s a known fact that gold-plating is thin and prone to wear and tear.

Always anxious to please, Shubb’s R&D team have researched a high-tech finishing process that utilizes titanium to produce a coating that has all the beauty of gold, but is as durable as any metal finish, and will shine like gold for many years.

MSRP – $29.95 ea.

Six lucky winners get their pick between one gold or one rose gold.