5-Minute Lesson: Percussive Guitar Techniques with Justin King

The guitarist's distinct tapping and percussive playing style, which, he demonstrates in this short video, was influenced by Michael Hedges.

Justin King is a musician, producer, recording engineer, and guitarist known for his distinct tapping and percussive playing style, which, he notes in this short video, was influenced by guitarist Michael Hedges, as well as his own background as a drummer.

King also plays guitar, piano, and sings in King Radio (with bassist Mark Kiesinger and AJ Jump on drums), and runs a recording studio in Brooklyn, New York called Vinegar Hill Sound. In addition, he sometimes moonlights as a photojournalist in places like Iraq and Haiti.


Watch above as King discusses his techniques, what string gauges work best for percussive style, and the importance of right- and left-hand coordination.

Then watch King’s phenomenal Acoustic Guitar Session, where he plays two songs — the ballad “Sisters” and “Taps” (from Le Bleu) — on a Kalavinka custom dreadnought, with an Adirondack spruce top and cocobolo back and sides.

Anna Pulley
Anna Pulley

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