45,000 Year Old Ancient Kauri OM from Santa Cruz Guitar Company

Sponsored by Santa Cruz Guitars:

Over one hundred thousand years ago, the massive Kauri trees rivaled the mighty Sequoia Redwoods in sheer volume. It witnessed a time when the ancestors of each and every one of us, the original humans, made their first migration out of East Africa across the Sinai land bridge into Asia. The convergence of two major tectonic plates and the resulting epic storms, floods and tsunamis committed these behemoth Kauri trees to countless millennia, preserved in total darkness, before they would again see the light of day. 

Santa Cruz Guitar Company has built this custom OM model with back and sides from an Ancient Kauri tree which was unearthed in the beginning of the new millennium and radiocarbon dated at 45,000 years old. Buried immediately during the historic cataclysm and, being starved of oxygen, the anaerobic environment kept this wonder of nature free from decay, capturing it in a place without time…until today.

These dramatic stories are a fitting climax to Richard Hoover’s lifelong reverence for the woods he’s applied to the making of all Santa Cruz Guitars. His message is simple; “through responsible harvest; we can show others how to make the best things on earth without compromising the world we live in.”

This historic OM model is available at The North American Guitar in Nashville, TN. Look for a demo video to be posted soon. Contact Santa Cruz Guitar Company for more information, or to design your own. 

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