Acoustic Guitar Issue 342 Video: September/October 2023

You’ve got the September/October 2023 issue of Acoustic Guitar and you’re ready to start playing. This is your one-stop destination for video lessons, gear reviews, and more, so grab your guitar and play your way through the latest issue!

Guitar Lesson: Barre Chord Basics with David Hamburger

Woodshed: How to Visualize and Connect Chord Shapes All Around the Neck

Weekly Workout: Exploring Double-Dropped-D Tuning

Dom Flemons Teaches “Rabbit Foot Rag”

Flatpicking Repertoire: Learn to Play Russ Barenberg’s Arrangement of “Big Sciota”

Campfire Songs: Learn to Play “Drunken Sailor”

Guitar Demo: Greg Ruby Test Drives the Gig-Ready Córdoba Stage

Great Acoustics: Guitarist Irina Kulikova Plays a 2022 Greg Brandt Custom Concert Classical Model


Circa74 amplifier from Taylor Guitars photographed with a modern blue-green background
2-in-1 acoustic and vocal amp.
Rich, warm sound. Intuitive controls.
Simply stylish.